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Free Audiobulb mix to download | ABS01

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Various | Audiobulb Sampler: AB016 – AB023
Mp3 | ABS01

01. Jimmy Behan – Through The Trees
02. Biosphere – Tranoy Lighthouse
03. Ultre – Peace Corpse
04. Craque – Navfrakure
05. NQ – And On Some Other Night
06. Mark Harris – Last Days
07. Hans van Eck – Rivers
08. He Can Jog – Suite Part 1 & 2

ABS01 is a sampler mix showcasing tracks from the Audiobulb catalogue: AB016 – AB023.

Free download (68Mb)

The Echo Garden | review in Textura

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

“Jimmy Behan presents ten micro-detailed sound paintings on The Echo Garden. Eschewing sampling and excluding from his sound palette guitars, drums, vocals, and synth pads, the Irish sound sculptor uses piano, sine tones, found sounds, and field recordings to generate intimate evocations of pastoral tranquility. Fragments of early morning light shine through the trees in Behan’s sonic environment, warming the isolated pond that’s at the setting’s center. Tiny speckles of processed sounds glimmer throughout the peaceful settings, sometimes accompanied by a more “natural” sound (such as an electric piano in Leaving Here) or a field recording (outdoor sounds in Across the Rooftops). While the bell tones in Rust invite a gamelan characterization and a central melancholy melody lends Clock for No Time a song-like structure, the album’s material generally resists genre or stylistic labeling but rather inhabits an abstract space midway between electronic and acoustic sounds, and sound design and compositional form. There’s a focus on the detail of a given sound as well as on how the individual elements cohere into a larger whole. Behan’s clearly more focused on treating the material as explorations of texture and sound that invite associations without dictating them; interestingly, though, the programmatic dimension established via track titling—a trajectory that finds the hypothetical hiker visiting the site in early morning, communing with it, and eventually departing from it as evening approaches—indicates that the composer isn’t interested in wholly severing the ties to referentiality.”
July 2009.
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Shtax: A Homecoming | documentary featuring music by Jimmy Behan

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Shtax: A Homecoming is a new documentary concert film starring musician Aindrias De Staic. The film features a live performance of the show Around the World on 80 Quid by Aindrias, interspersed with cut-away footage and interviews with music from the first two Jimmy Behan albums.
The film was directed by John Murphy and produced by Paul Murphy and Aindrias for Merchants Gate Films, and will be premiered at this years Galway Film Fleadh on Thursday 9th July from 9:00pm to 10:45pm.
Shtax: A Homecoming – Facebook page

Sometimes Always | exhibition in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Untitled Never Gonna Be Alone (Detail of Installation), Clive Murphy 2008.

My friend, the Irish artist Clive Murphy is featured in an exhibition called Sometimes Always now showing in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

“Audio-based works reutilizing a range of discontinued audio formats such as cassette players, reel-to-reel recorders, 8 track players, record turntables. These outmoded devices are transformed, often in absurdist manners, referencing a range of musical genres and approaches, including Dada, punk, electro and DIY cultures. Many of these “lo-tech” instruments are discarded in favour of today’s rapidly fluctuating digital technologies. However, these “lo-tech” formats still possess unique capabilities and harbor a strong nostalgic resonance for many.

Clive Murphy fuses the legacy of the outmoded audio cassette tape with landscape representation. Murphy takes the tangled strands of discarded audio cassette tape, often collected from fences and bushes in urban environments, and isolates a portion of the sound footage. He transfers this sound to a digital format and re-records the audio onto fresh tape. Then, in an elaborate DIY manner, the artist intricately reconfigures a cassette player and the new tape to form a linear, audio landscape. For Sometimes Always, Murphy will map one of his audio-kinetic drawings on the gallery walls.”

Other participating artists include: The Artifact Institute (Montreal/Halifax), Sadie Benning (Chicago), Factotum (Belfast), Russ Forster (Chicago), Eleanor King (Halifax), Felix Kubin (Hamburg) & Craig Leonard (Halifax).
The exhibition is showing from June 5 – August 30, 2009.

See more of Clive’s work:

Unknown Point | An installation of sonic and visual works by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

Monday, June 8th, 2009

It’s not often sound-art comes to Carlow, so I was delighted to hear about Anthony Kelly and David Stalling’s Unknown Point installations. The installations will be on view in two locations at IT Carlow (Library building; side entrance to Slaney building) and at Carlow Town Park (footbridge) from 6th May – 21st June 2009.

Unknown Point will be on view as part of the Eigse Carlow Arts Festival 13th – 21st June 2009.
Visualise Carlow is a series of temporary public art projects devised as an advance programme to Visual – The National Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow.