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Out of Order – Exhibition by Niall de Buitléar

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Out of Order – Niall de Buitléar – Exhibition Trailer from Niall de Buitlear on Vimeo.

Promotion video for Out of Order, an exhibition of sculpture and drawing by Niall de Buitléar. Featuring the track Granby Row, the video shows sketchbook pages relating to the work in the exhibition.

Venue: The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1.

Date: Opening 6 – 8 pm, Wednesday 6th July.
Runs from 7th July – 19th August 2011.

Room 22: a short film by Celia Galán

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Spanish director Celia Galán has completed a short film called Room 22 which uses two tracks from Days Are What We Live In (Under The Woods and Complete). The film is part of a series of six shorts produced by Boolab, all shot in a Barcelona hotel by six different directors.

A review of the film in El Pais can be read here (Spanish).

Watch the film here (Spanish).

New Relay artist added: Projector Collective

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

A new piece by Projector Collective has been added to John Lambert’s Relay: A Dialogue Between Sound Artists net-audio project.
Read and listen to their entry here.

Forthcoming on Audiobulb

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

David at Audiobulb very kindly sent me some copies of his forthcoming compilation Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires. It’s a collection of remixes and reworkings of his track Resonating Wire from his excellent Complex Tone Test album, released last year on Simon Scott’s Kesh Recordings label. It features remixes by myself, Simon Scott, Sawako, Francisco López, Isan, Richard Chartier and others and will be released on Audiobulb in September.

In other Audiobulb news, David’s just released his second collection of early material under his Autistici guise, Slow Temperature – Early Works (Vol II).

Also just out is a software module called Ambient v1.0 (standalone Max/MSP, XP/Win7) developed by Christopher Hipgrave (Home Normal, Low Point) and designed by Mike Podolak.

Both are available now from the Audiobulb website.

New releases from Audiobulb and Zymogen

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Birmingham Sound MatterVarious Artists – Birmingham Sound Matter
CD/Download | Audiobulb | AB023

Birmingham Sound Matter is an environmental ambient interpretation of the city of Birmingham filtered through the creative direction of Francisco Lopez. Eight artists contribute alongside Lopez including Helena Gough, Bobby Bird (Higher Intelligence Agency), Mark Harris & Nic Bullen (Napalm Death) to recontextualise a city of concrete, nature and people.”

1123581321345589Oskar Hallbert – 1123581321345589
Mp3/FLAC | Zymogen | ZYM023
Free download

“Oskar Hallbert is a musician who lives in a house in the woods in the north of Sweden. The EP Sid’s Apartment on Rainmusic had been one of Zymogen’s favourite albums of 2008 and we luckily got in touch with him to plan the re-release of 1123581321345589. Previously released in 50 copies on a small american CDr label.”

Dani Baquet-Long (Celer) has passed away, aged 26

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Today came the terribly sad news of the passing of Dani Long, who along with her husband Will, recorded under the name of Celer. While only recently making her acquaintance online, I had been very familiar with her work over the past few years, as was anyone with even a passing interest in contemporary ambient music. I always felt their prolific output came from a very honest place, utterly free of any pretensions and full of wonder for the world around us. As well as her work as Celer, she also recorded as Chubby Wolf, and has left behind an extensive body of work that puts the rest of us musicians to shame. If you haven’t listened to any of it yet, you really should.

Dani Baquet-Long 1983 – 2009.

From the Celer myspace page:

“Dear friends,

With great sadness I have to announce to you, our friends, that Dani passed away yesterday, July 8. On Tuesday morning I woke to find her unconscious, and not breathing. The medics were called, and she was revived, but fell directly into a coma and didn’t wake up. She passed away yesterday at 3pm, with her family by her. All that is known to say why is that her heart stopped, for no foreseeable reason. The only relation is that her father died in the same way, of a cardiac arrest at the age of 29. She was 26.
Right now I don’t know how to express the loss and sadness I feel, knowing that someone so ultimately close to me, and such an inspiration and friend to so many other people in the world is gone. All I can say is that she won’t be forgotten, or pushed aside only because she’s gone. She’ll always be with me, as my inspiration, my love, my everything. All I can say is I miss her, every second.
Right now I won’t be able to answer many emails, as there’s only so much I can talk about this. Time will heal this, but I know the sadness will never go away. This, I’m ok with, as I never want to forget every way she changed my life, and touched my heart.
I appreciate all your support and love, and even though many of you only knew her through her poetry, or her music, I hope they are good memories. Enclosed is a favorite photo of her, taken at her beach, at home.
Also, here was her favorite quote:

“The Meaning is in the Wonder”
– Kenneth Patchen.

Will.” (Celer website)

Free Audiobulb mix to download | ABS01

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Various | Audiobulb Sampler: AB016 – AB023
Mp3 | ABS01

01. Jimmy Behan – Through The Trees
02. Biosphere – Tranoy Lighthouse
03. Ultre – Peace Corpse
04. Craque – Navfrakure
05. NQ – And On Some Other Night
06. Mark Harris – Last Days
07. Hans van Eck – Rivers
08. He Can Jog – Suite Part 1 & 2

ABS01 is a sampler mix showcasing tracks from the Audiobulb catalogue: AB016 – AB023.

Free download (68Mb)

Shtax: A Homecoming | documentary featuring music by Jimmy Behan

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Shtax: A Homecoming is a new documentary concert film starring musician Aindrias De Staic. The film features a live performance of the show Around the World on 80 Quid by Aindrias, interspersed with cut-away footage and interviews with music from the first two Jimmy Behan albums.
The film was directed by John Murphy and produced by Paul Murphy and Aindrias for Merchants Gate Films, and will be premiered at this years Galway Film Fleadh on Thursday 9th July from 9:00pm to 10:45pm.
Shtax: A Homecoming – Facebook page

Sometimes Always | exhibition in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Untitled Never Gonna Be Alone (Detail of Installation), Clive Murphy 2008.

My friend, the Irish artist Clive Murphy is featured in an exhibition called Sometimes Always now showing in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

“Audio-based works reutilizing a range of discontinued audio formats such as cassette players, reel-to-reel recorders, 8 track players, record turntables. These outmoded devices are transformed, often in absurdist manners, referencing a range of musical genres and approaches, including Dada, punk, electro and DIY cultures. Many of these “lo-tech” instruments are discarded in favour of today’s rapidly fluctuating digital technologies. However, these “lo-tech” formats still possess unique capabilities and harbor a strong nostalgic resonance for many.

Clive Murphy fuses the legacy of the outmoded audio cassette tape with landscape representation. Murphy takes the tangled strands of discarded audio cassette tape, often collected from fences and bushes in urban environments, and isolates a portion of the sound footage. He transfers this sound to a digital format and re-records the audio onto fresh tape. Then, in an elaborate DIY manner, the artist intricately reconfigures a cassette player and the new tape to form a linear, audio landscape. For Sometimes Always, Murphy will map one of his audio-kinetic drawings on the gallery walls.”

Other participating artists include: The Artifact Institute (Montreal/Halifax), Sadie Benning (Chicago), Factotum (Belfast), Russ Forster (Chicago), Eleanor King (Halifax), Felix Kubin (Hamburg) & Craig Leonard (Halifax).
The exhibition is showing from June 5 – August 30, 2009.

See more of Clive’s work:

Unknown Point | An installation of sonic and visual works by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

Monday, June 8th, 2009

It’s not often sound-art comes to Carlow, so I was delighted to hear about Anthony Kelly and David Stalling’s Unknown Point installations. The installations will be on view in two locations at IT Carlow (Library building; side entrance to Slaney building) and at Carlow Town Park (footbridge) from 6th May – 21st June 2009.

Unknown Point will be on view as part of the Eigse Carlow Arts Festival 13th – 21st June 2009.
Visualise Carlow is a series of temporary public art projects devised as an advance programme to Visual – The National Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow.