Guest appearance on Donal Dineen’s Fresh Air Festival, Today FM, Thursday 26th November

October 31st, 2009

I’m delighted to be a guest on Donal Dineen’s radio show on Today FM as part of his Fresh Air Festival running throughout November.

The show was aired on Thursday 26th November, 12 – 2am.

Jimmy Behan interview with Donal Dineen | Today FM by jimmy_behan

“Fresh Air is a free music festival that will be transmitted directly into your ears via The Small Hours on Today FM. Donal Dineen has chosen his pick of the best new Irish sound makers to take part in a month-long celebration of great new music, live on your radio.
For the month of November, Donal will have a invited guest act live on air for The Small Hours to play live, chat to Donal and play a selection of their own favourite tunes, effectively curating the show for the night.
The Small Hours is on Today FM from midnight – 2am and the shows are archived for a week right here. We’ve plans to do something special and longer lasting with the archive of the Fresh Air shows, but stay tuned for more on that.” (from
Donal’s Small Hours show on Today FM.

Relay: A Dialogue Between Sound Artists at this year’s D.E.A.F.

October 15th, 2009

The Relay: A Dialogue Between Sound Artists collaborative netaudio project will feature as an installation at this year’s D.E.A.F.

“Relay has existed online since early 2008 and will have its first physical existence for DEAF09 as an installation at FilmBase. There are 8 Relay works so far, from Chequerboard, Jimmy Behan, Loscil, Hulk, Polly Fibre, Pierre Bastien, Bibio and Sunken Foal. Each piece will have it’s own listening station so the listener can move from one response to the next, following the threads of the conversation.”

Duration: Oct 22nd – 31st, 11am – 8pm daily
Venue: Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Admission: Free

Launch night: Thursday Oct 29th : 6pm – 9pm
Live performances from Polly Fibre & Hulk. Admission 5 euro

Relay at DEAF09
Relay website
DEAF09 website

Through The Trees featured on D.E.A.F. 2009 double CD

October 14th, 2009

The folks at the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival have put together a double CD compilation of Irish artists to help promote the festival which runs from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 31st October and hosts an excellent line-up of international and Irish acts. The compilation features the track Through The Trees from The Echo Garden album. Each or all tracks can be streamed or downloaded for free here.

“Dublin’s more experimental club nights have undoubtedly struggled somewhat in recent years, there’s been a notable increase in the quality of the productions emerging from the studios of Irish producers. Thus for 2009, in association with Culture Ireland we’ve put together another 40-track double CD intended to showcase the best in new electronic music from Irish artists. We had over 400 submissions again this year from artists all over the country, the final selection includes new music from :

Sunken Foal, Seán Óg, Enda Bates, Legion Of Two, Rainfear, Ed Devane, Channel One, Teshi-1, Rachel O’Dwyer, Peter Maybury, Roger Doyle, Herv, David Baxter, Concerned Parasites ubh Korka Gweena, Liam O’Callaghan, Melodica Deathship, Harry Moore, Quiet Music Ensemble, Orestis Karamanlis, Jay riordan, Monica, Frózi, General Practice, Locus Solus, The Natural History Museum, Jimmy Behan, Kim V Porcelli, HMS Reliant, Spoon Theory, Spectac, Toymonger, Somadrone, Chip Shop Music, Acera, Chequerboard, The Last Sound, Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Zelloloid, St. Catherine’s Home for Lazy Infants and Toby Kaar.

The CD will be distributed free at the press launch for the festival in September 2009, it will also be handed out free of charge at select D.E.A.F. events over the course of this years festival.
We’ll also be promoting it to the Irish and international press as part of our marketing campaign for this year’s festival. The CD will also be used by Culture Ireland to promote Irish Electronic music overseas.” (from

Listen/free download.

October Sun Mix for Fluid Radio

October 12th, 2009

Jimmy Behan – October Sun by Fluid Radio on Mixcloud

Download (192mp3 / 79Mb)

00:00 Street

00:21 Isnaj Dui – Mushroom Picking
Unstable Equilibrium (Home Normal)

04:30 Bibio – Hedged In
from Relay: A Dialogue Between Sound Artists net-project

13:45 Gallery

15:06 Sylvie Walder & Entia Non – Des Espaces Sans Nom
Bewilderment (Resting Bell)

20:35 Pantaleimon – The Sun Came Out (Dawn Porous) Colin Potter Remix
Heart Of The Sun (Durtro)

25:04 Segue – Blue Wind II
Into The Fall (Slow Flow Rec)

31:17 Mariska Baars, Robert Deters & Rutger Zuydervelt – Gris Gris 2
Gris Gris (Low Point)

40:35 Black Eagle Child – Invented Lives
Seeds That Sprout In Summer (Stunned Records)

45:13 Stephen Spera – Troubled Dreams Of Beauty
4{H2O} (Parvoart Recordings)

50:55 Michael Santos – Alphaville
forthcoming on Home Normal

Mixed by Jimmy Behan for Fluid Radio | October 2009.
© With artists and labels. All tracks used with permission.

Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 X-Compilation

September 19th, 2009

A free compilation featuring some artists who will be appearing at the Netaudio Festival in Berlin from the 8th-11th October 2009.
Download/stream the compilation here.

New Relay artist added: Sunken Foal

September 19th, 2009

Planet-Mu artist Sunken Foal (aka Dunk Murphy ) has been added to the Relay: A Dialogue Between Sound Artists net-audio project.
Read and listen to his entry here.

Download Beard of Mercury Switches by Sunken Foal (16Mb zip).

Down By The River Mix for Fluid Radio

September 10th, 2009

Thanks to the folks at Fluid Radio for making The Echo Garden their album of the week last week.

Down By The River Mix by Jimmy Behan on Mixcloud

Download (192mp3 / 82Mb)

00:00 Mark Harris – Last Days
Birmingham Sound Matter (Audiobulb)

04:24 Billy Gomberg – With
Comme (mOAR)

07:52 Offthesky & Darren McClure – Once, When We Used To
Suspended (Symbolic Interaction)

12:17 Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello – E-VA
The Gorilla Variations (12k)

17:21 Felicia Atkinson & Sylvain Chauveau – Aberdeen
Roman Anglais (O Rosa)

20:35 Hulk – Photographs
Silver Thread Of Ghosts (Osaka)

23:31 Machinefabriek – Autoharp, Vinyl
Shuffle (Self release)

26:43 Jasper Leyland – Taken
Wake – Carbon Series Vol. 5 (12×50)

31:18 Christopher Hipgrave – Grass
Day (Home Normal)

35:40 Michael Santos – Bamboo Scaffolding
The Happy Error (Baskaru)

36:46 Nicola Ratti – ésope
ésope (Zymogen)

42:42 Autistici – Resonating Wire
Complex Tone Test (Keshhhhhh)

47:42 Jasper TX – (Remix by steinbrüchel)
forthcoming on Under The Spire

52:39 Wouter Van Veldhoven – Stoffig Stuk
Ruststukken EP (Slaapwel)

57:09 His Name Is Alive – This World Is Not My Home
Raindrops Rainbow EP (Silver Mountain Media Group)

Mixed by Jimmy Behan for Fluid Radio | September 2009.
© With artists and labels. All tracks used with permission.

The Echo Garden | review and label profile in Furthernoise

September 10th, 2009

“Audiobulb is a Sheffield-based exploratory music label promoting the cause of innovative electronica. Label curator, David Newman, has overseen a flurry of activity over the past couple of years, and this profile features four of Audiobulb’s most recent releases, from a location-inspired compilation to a work driven by an experimental sound generator.
But first up there’s Irish electro-acoustician, Jimmy Behan, who blends pianos, chimes, and various synthetics with field recordings in cultivating the meditative spaces of The Echo Garden. A series of timbrel études and fragments of minimal drift enlivened by the patter of tiny tweets (e.g. Leaving Here), it creates a mood of ambient relaxation while avoiding the New Age fluffiness typically associated with such notions. Behan’s soundscapes generally shun the pristine and preset, preferring the lightly grained and marbled contour, the flickering and faded image-sound. Representative of this would be Rust, which finds a languorous wind chime coupling with filtered pads drizzled with some sizzle; or Clock for No Time, which lets tendrils of tones unravel over soft keyboard chords, gently modulating and interacting with field infusions. The Echo Garden is a study in light on water, rippling pond life and insectoid flutter: a work that makes a virtue of the limitations of a kind of faux-naïf palette of gentility and small gestures that seems to allude to the Zen-like atmosphere of a Japanese water garden.”

Interview with Tokafi magazine

September 1st, 2009

Read the interview here.

Gig in The Fringe Factory Saturday 12th September | Oh! Francis & Fringe Festival

August 25th, 2009

Venue: The Fringe Factory, Smock Alley, Essex Street West, Dublin.
Date: Saturday 12th September 2009
Time: 2pm
Promoter: Oh! Francis & Fringe Festival

I’ll be performing at The Fringe Factory in Smock Alley, Dublin as part of a collaboration between Oh! Francis magazine and the Dublin Fringe Festival.

“Oh! Fringe?!
12 magazines at 12 noon and their 4 quarters. An issue for every day the Fringe Festival is running. Are we mad? Yes, yes we are, but Francis told us to do it, so we will.
We’ll be printing, binding and collating each issue in the Fringe Factory, Essex Street West, from the 5th to the 20th of September. Drop in and do a boogie, a tap of the foot or maybe even a spot of chin rubbing. Not only have we decided to rustle up 12 loverly Oh! Fringe magazines and their 4 quarters we’re also curating an exhibition and some Oh, Francis style gigs. Collect the limited edition magazines every day at noon to find out more. Collect them all and solve the jigsaw.”