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The Echo Garden
(2009 Audiobulb)

(2008 self release)

In The Sudden Distance EP
(2008 Zymogen)

Days Are What We Live In
(2004 Elusive Recordings)

Split w. Connectfour Orchestra
(2001 Road Relish)

(2001 Kin Recordings)


Au Clair De La Lune

As if two choke-full discs weren’t enough, an almost one-hour-long netlabel extension offers nine additional interpretations. Leaning less towards analytical sound surgery and more towards Ambient/Drone sensibilities, it has, if anything, turned out even more coherent. Jimmy Behan, who impressed with his tender self-discovery album The Echo Garden this year, leads listeners into a sensual space of open colours and silky flavours, while Richard Lainhart’s La Lune Dans La Lumiere Du Jour resembles a calm, meditative and yet discreetly disturbing tunnel of cymbal-like textures and resonant vocal tones. Cimarron Corpe, meanwhile, transforms the melody into a spacious field recording, a landscape of microscopic elevations and dents.

An Taobh Tuathail